Skipper training on owner yachts

Skippertraining on owner yachts in the Netherlands and Germany

We are specialists in skipper training on owner yachts and are at your disposal for one-day and multi-day skipper training in the Netherlands (e.g. IJsselmeer and Wattensee) and Germany.

Perfect your skills on the water! With our one-day and multi-day skipper training courses, you will learn how to safely operate your sailing yacht.

Have you bought your own yacht for the first time and would like to improve your skills? Have you swapped your yacht, bought a new ship and would like to get to know it? Are you returning to work after a long break and want coaching? Have you changed territory and are you looking for someone to accompany you? Then you are right with us!

We specialize in individual skipper training! All skipper training courses are planned individually according to the needs and wishes of the participants.

In any case, it makes sense to focus on port maneuvers, because these are the be-all and end-all to avoiding damage.

Important: The following applies to all training courses: The content and processes must always be based on your needs, skills, learning success and interests and should also be fun. That's why we don't have a run-of-the-mill course schedule! The form of the participants on the day and weather restrictions can also play a role.

Each training course is scheduled on request and individually planned based on the experiences and needs of the respective client.

Contents include:

- Security on board
- Donning and doffing of head climbers/longitudinal climbers, forwards and backwards
- Mooring in and out of (narrow) boxes, forwards and backwards
- Mooring and casting off in full ports
- Use of the so-called "wheel effect"
- Behavior at bridges
- Lock manoeuvres
- Mooring and casting off taking specific wind conditions into account
- Mooring and casting off in a confined space using lines and dolphins
- Line management on board
- Line throwing techniques
In addition, the following components can also be practiced:

- Lock maneuvers (large locks for commercial shipping and small locks for leisure shipping)
- Bridge maneuvers (behaviour on bridges, especially lifting bridges, also in narrow one-way traffic)

Sailing maneuvers such as tacking, man overboard under the engine, etc. can also be taken into account, as well as setting, trimming, reefing and hauling in the sails.

During one-week skipper training courses, we sail across the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea, including navigation, calculation of tides and currents, etc.

We are happy to respond to all individual wishes of the client.

Target group:

The skipper training is suitable for beginners as well as for sailors who already have experience in driving a yacht.


Skipper training on owner yachts from 295.00 € / day (usually 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.).

Prices plus expenses (arrival/departure, accommodation, meals).

Appointments by arrangement! (also short term)

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